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Hi Talk is a GPT-powered AI for language learning. Speak with AI and chat on various topics, either by writing or speaking, while receiving messages with a realistic voice.Available 24/7 — available in 28 languages

Emily Williams
Wang Jie
James Smith
Chloe Leroy
Sophia Becker
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Juan Martinez
Mary Dubois
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Joao Pereira
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Features Of Language Courses

AI Language Conversation Practice: Improve your speaking skills quickly through real-time interactions with AI language tutors and receive instant feedback.

28+ Language Learning & Language Exchange: Expand your communication abilities and cultural horizons by learning 28+ languages, allowing you to connect with people from all around the world through language exchange.

Language Courses for All Levels: Elevate your language skills through a variety of language courses for all levels, including the beginners, intermediate, and advanced learners, covering vocabulary, grammar, speaking, and writing.

Immersive Language Environment: Practice conversations anytime, anywhere with diverse topics and immerse yourself in authentic language scenarios.

Why Language Learners Love Hi Talk AI

“I’ve fallen in love with the language courses of Hi Talk AI; they are both fun and efficient. I’ve recommended it to all my colleagues. With interactive lessons and convenient access, it's like having a personal tutor in my pocket!”

Learners from Argentina

Diego Martinez

“This AI language tutor is a real game-changer; I can now communicate with my Chinese partners without any barriers. I’m very proud of this achievement.Learning a new language has never been more enjoyable! Through engaging activities and immersive experiences, I'm mastering vocabulary and grammar with ease”

Learners from Australia

Emily Wilson

“I recommend Hi Talk AI to all my friends who want to learn a new language. Its methods are really effective! I’ve been able to communicate with international friends in the new language I learned.My language teacher is simply outstanding! Patient, knowledgeable, and skilled at tailoring lessons to my individual learning style, I've made remarkable progress under their guidance.”

Learners from Brazil

Lucas da Silva

“I can now speak French fluently, all thanks to Hi Talk AI. The community support on this platform is also great.For the best language learning experience, look no further than the top-rated language learning websites. They offer comprehensive resources and effective strategies for language acquisition.”

Learners from Canada

Alison MacDonald

“The AI language tutor on this site is fantastic, and now I can communicate confidently in English. Its personalized teaching approach makes me feel like I’m making progress after every lesson.”

Learners from France

Claire Dubois

“This AI platform is a revolution in learning new languages. Its personalized courses helped me quickly master Italian, and I can schedule lessons according to my own time.They offer comprehensive resources and effective strategies for language acquisition.”

Learners from Germany

Hans Müller

Crafted By Most Seasoned Language Tutors And Lovers

“Many inquire about the best way to learn a language, and I often advise investing significant time and resources in hiring expensive and scarce language tutors, which pains me. AI language tutors, particularly those that enable speaking to AI, are about to revolutionize everything.”

With years of rich educational background, Ethan is now dedicated to utilizing cutting-edge AI technology to innovate language learning content.

Not only does he master over 28 languages, but he also boasts a vast international following. On our language learning website, you will experience a unique learning approach, making knowledge acquisition more efficient and enjoyable.Ethan utilizes AI to tailor personalized learning experiences, making it effortless for you to overcome language and cultural barriers.

Between them, they speak or have studied almost28 languages!

Learn Any Language By Speaking With An AI language tutor, Over 100+ AI language tutors

Can I learn any language, like Spanish?

Absolutely! We offer 28 languages, including Spanish. Choose your preferred AI language tutor and customize your learning journey!

Can I learn any language, like Spanish?

Absolutely! We offer 28 languages, including Spanish. Choose your preferred AI language tutor and customize your learning journey!

Embark on a journey through the world of languages, mastering the art of communication through language learning. Here's what our AI teaching platform offers:

Beginner-Friendly: Dive into foreign languages with ease and fun through number learning and picture-based methods.

Structured Courses: Tailored training in foreign language vocabulary, phrases, and everyday conversations for elementary, middle, and high school levels.

10K+ Practice: An addictive language writing tool that builds muscle memory through repetitive practice. Online gamified learning makes mastering a language effortless; also supports downloading exercises and answers in 28 foreign languages for offline use.

Interactive Speaking: Engage in text or voice conversations with an AI language teacher, effortlessly improving your speaking skills while gaining insights into the culture of the AI language tutor's home country.

Practical Language Use: Comprehensive simulated dialogues covering business, travel, work, study, daily life, and technology scenarios, enhancing practical language skills across the board.

Learn Different Languages Up To 28

If you sign up today we'll give you instant access to 28 languages including:

Mexican Spanish
American Spanish
European Portuguese
Brazilian Portuguese
Canadian French
Traditional Chinese

Start Your Language Courses

Sign Up with HiTalk!

1.Choose your language: Click the button below and select the foreign language you want to learn.

2.Login in and start: Access the HiTalk platform using your account information.

3.Meet your AI language tutor: You'll immediately be connected with one of our exceptional AI language tutors who will guide you on your language learning journey.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind:

- AI is a brand-new technology. This means you may occasionally experience inconsistencies or even errors.

- This language practice tool is suitable for most individuals, including beginners.

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