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General Questions

Our aim is for everyone to easily master at least one foreign language. We created HiTalk with artificial intelligence and AI teachers to lower the barriers and costs of learning foreign languages for users around the world.

After logging into Hitalk, when you enable the “Teenager mode” in your profile, all AI language tutors will switch to teenager mode. Our language tutor will pay special attention during conversations with you to ensure teenage protection!

We offer a daily free trial service for our online language courses. You can choose a foreign language teacher each day to engage in and learn our courses for several conversations! But the paid experience is better, there are no restrictions on chatting

HiTalk has 3 payment plans, monthly payment, semi-annual payment, and annual payment. Among them, annual payment is the most cost-effective. For details, you can check the price on our homepage. We provide many benefits for paying members, such as 28 languages, 100+ scenarios, 10K+ exercises, unlimited Practice, role-Playing, voice Chat and Ad-Free .

Yes, our courses are suitable for language learning beginners. We provide the beginners with a wealth of learning scenarios, as well as conversational and writing practice features. In addition, we have designed more advanced courses for intermediate and advanced scholars.

Sure, Sharing an account is doable but the learning experience might not be perfect because everyone has different habits of learning English.

Yes, if you have finished our English courses, you can continue to learn Spanish courses and other language courses. HiTalk provides 30 languages and more than 100 AI teachers to help you learn.

HiTalk app is currently in development and will be available on Google Play and the Apple App Store in the future. At present, the HiTalk language learning website is accessible via computers and smartphones.

HiTalk is a best language program.We do offer an affiliate program, but it’s only for schools or those who have a significant online following. Contact us to learn more.

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